Davidson County Circuit Court is a court of general jurisdiction that handles a wide range of civil and criminal cases. The court has 8 judges who are elected by the voters of Davidson County for eight-year terms.

Davidson County is home to the Circuit Court, which consists of eight judges. Among them, the Fourth Circuit Court holds a distinct position, focusing exclusively on matters pertaining to domestic issues. These include both contested and uncontested divorce cases, orders of protection, child support and custody disputes, as well as overseeing all adoptions in Davidson.

In terms of its operational procedures, the Davidison County Circuit Court functions much like any other court system. Cases are set into motion by the submission of a complaint or petition, and resolution primarily occurs through either a trial or a mutually agreed-upon settlement. The court possesses the authority to issue orders and judgments, ensuring compliance through the utilization of fines, imprisonment, or other appropriate measures.

The Fourth Circuit Court Davidson County Circuit Court assumes a vital role in upholding justice within Nashville and in the county. It serves as a crucial platform for resolving disputes, maintaining law and order, and safeguarding the rights of individuals.